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19th March - Relicblade


If you're a Miniature Wargames magazine subscriber, you make have seen our advert in the Salute show guide which is included in this months issue. Seeing the advert out a smile on my face as I realised it outed Exit 23 Games as the UK stockist of Relicblade! 

Relicblade gameplay example

I first came across Relicblade when I saw the Flame Bearer (below) on Instagram. I tracked down the miniature and fell in love with the artwork. Relicblade's rules, lore, artwork, and sculpts are all created by Sean Sutter. After hearing Sean's interview on the Brush Wielders Union podcast I decided I'd reach out to him and see if I could become the UK stockist. I'm delighted to be able to work with Sean and make Relicblade easily available in the UK and Europe.

The rulebook and campaign books both arrived in stock today and the faction sets will be delivered to me once they clear customs. 

The Flamebearer holds a torch aloft while he conjures a spell.


 Watch the video below to learn the basics fo gameplay.

 Covid-19 has caused many events to be postponed or cancelled. I had planned on saving Relicblade until Salute but since Salute has been postponed until 2021, I figured I'd launch the products a little earlier. Providing the events go ahead, you'll be able to play Relicblade at the UK Games Expo in August, and Tabletop Gaming  Live. Check out the Getting started with Relicblade page for information on how to play Relicblade. You can see all of the current factions by heading over to the Relicblade Factions page


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