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26th December

What are you planning for your hobby next year?

I'm planning on painting more and playing in at least four Blood Bowl tournaments.
I have plenty of miniatures to keep me busy over the next 12 months (don't we all?!), my Salamanders force is coming along nicely, and next year I'm planning on having a fully painted force of 2.5k points. I love the way Malum Malus looks on the miniatures I've painted so far.
The other half of my Shadowspear box will either be Emperors Children or Alpha Legion. Expect a couple of test models over the next few weeks as I give Turbo Dork Bubblegum Crisis and Blue Steela go on the Emperors Children and Alpha Legion.
I need to paint some more Blood Bowl teams so I can mix the teams I use for tournaments.

Speaking of Blood Bowl, as you may have read over the last year, I have a Chaos Dwarf team in progress. As B. is nearing the end of their work on the project, I've commissioned them to start work on the next project. Like Trolls, Goblins and Rat men? Then you're in for a treat!

I'm looking forward to bringing you great new miniatures and games over the next year.

Enough about what I'm going to be up to, what are you going to be working on? Are you starting a new army? Are you getting into a new tabletop miniatures game?

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