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2nd January

January Discount

It's a new year, and that means new hobby goals. To help kick start the year I've added an automatic 10% discount on every order. Grab some Turbo Dork paints for that new army or pick up a new fantasy football team and let us know what you're working on.


Dana Howl

Last year Dana started to produce painting tutorials, providing an insight into the way she approaches the hobby. I think they're great so I figured I'd share her latest video here. I learn something new each time I watch her videos and this one is no exception. Check out her video on Airbrush Glazing and Gradients


Turbo Dork update

Our friends over at Turbo Dork made an important announcement earlier this week. Here's their announcement in full:


Because of some recent *ahem* developments, our category of paints formally known color$hift will henceforth be called Turboshift!

Why this change? Well there has been a trademark filed in Spain on the word color$hift, and the Company That Shall Not Be Named is using that to try to file claims against anyone who uses the now forbidden word. 

Our lawyers have said that this should not effect us in the United States, however we've decided to continue with our turboshift rebrand that we started in August, so we can continue to focus on bringing you guys cool paints!


It's a shame such a widely used term has been allowed to be trademarked. However, ultimately, Turbo Dork's paint range is still fantastic, and a great and inventive addition to the hobby and it's a great pleasure to work with Greg and Meredith and to supply their paints to the UK market. 

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