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31th May

Last week I reported that the Zenobian Zeniths Kickstarter campaign was drawing to a close and I've received lots of lovely messages and pictures as people receive their rewards and begin to paint them.

I'm currently in the highlands taking a week-long break, but I've still been keeping in touch with Tom and B regarding concept art and sculpts. Tom has had a busy time working on the Devil May Cry board game which but has managed to find some time to work on some sculpts for the upcoming Exit 23 Chaos Dwarf team. Take a look at his handy work so far.


In addition to working on a new team, I'm also working on a couple of games. One is a fun card game designed by me whilst the other is a skirmish style game I'm working on with the view to publishing it in the future. If you'd like to get involved with playtesting, please get in touch via the play testing page.

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