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6th June

One of the great things about working with digital sculpts is how easy it is to make changes. If you follow our news blog you will have seen a work in progress image of one of the Hobgoblins. Tom and I have experimented and come up with something we’re happy with and he’s now working on the next sculpt. You can see the progress from concept to the current sculpt below.

Initial Sketch of Hobgoblin 1

Concept art of Hobgoblin 1

 First sculpt of Hobgoblin 1

Sculpt of Hobgoblin 1 after comments

Hobgoblin 1 with spiked knee pads

B has been busy working on their next graphic novel which is due out on the 3rd October via Avery Hill


I’m reviewing our shipping prices to make it cheaper for small/light weight orders. At present our shipping is based around the Zenobian Zeniths kickstarter rewards using a royal mail small parcel as a base. It made sense at the time and now that the product offering has expanded, it’s time I gave this a proper review. 

In the meantime, If added a new shipping profile making shipping free for any UK order over £50. 

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