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Funds, Pledge Manager and 2019

It's been a quiet week as we couldn't do a great deal until the Kickstarter funds appeared in our account. They finally cleared yesterday which enabled us to set a few wheels back in motion. We are using Backerkit for our pledge manager, and they're currently reviewing ours before we send it out to our lovely backers and we'are expecting it to be approved on Friday, allowing us to send it out this weekend.

Along with the pledge manager, we'll also be launching our preorder store. If you missed out on the campaign or wanted to get Christmas out of the way, you'll have a chance to pick up a team.

Part shipment
As we mentioned previously, the team of 16 is ready to go into production, all we need is to know the number of orders we need to satisfy. If you can't wait to start painting, you'll be able to take advantage of part shipping, meaning you'll receive the Zenobian zeniths basic team of sixteen miniatures before the stretch goals and add-ons are available to ship.

Tournament Prizes
Last week we talked about the production moulds for the basic Zenobian Zeniths team. We ordered a couple of test spins and received six basic teams which we'll be donating to Blood Bowl tournaments to give away as prizes.

Work has already begun on our next project, and we'll be revealing more details as our Zenobian Zeniths project draws to a close. For now, we'll say we're looking forward to offering more great miniatures.

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