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Zenobian Zeniths - 13th December

It's nearly two weeks since the campaign ended which means we should receive the funds from Kickstarter in the next day or two. The Pledge manager will be ready to send out this weekend. We're waiting for final approval before sending it out. Tom is back and is working on the last few sculpts. We're expecting these to be finished in the new year and as always, we will keep you updated. We've sent some of the token design over to the manufacturers to so they can be readied for production, but until we receive all the pledge manager responses, we won't be able to finalise our orders. The same goes for ordering cases. While waiting for the Kickstarter funds has slowed progress a little, we've taken this opportunity to start work on our next project, and we are delighted to say we will be working with B. Mure and Tom Lishman again. B will begin working on the concept art in the new year so keep an eye on the blog to learn more.

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