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Progress and the UKTC

I've been busy and sick since I last updated. Thankfully most of the tasks have been placing orders with the various suppliers! The art prints have been ordered. Once they arrive, I'll be sending them to B. to sign and number them. Each backer will receive one so be sure to send me your shipping address!

25 mm bases have been ordered, and I'm hopeful I've found a good supplier for the 32 mm bases. These 32 mm bases will be the type with the optional slot. In future campaigns, I'm tempted to provide 30 mm bases as I think these work better when the miniatures are in a scrum. Please let me know what you think about this.

Griffin moulds are reviewing 3d print files for the star players and Norse expansion before being printed. Tom has had a busy few weeks since returning to work from the holidays which has slowed his progress on the Zenobian Zeniths. I've also commissioned another star player to round out the set. Her name is Carla I'll be sending her out with any full team pledge. She'll be available to buy once the online store is set up and running.I'm still hopeful that I'll be shipping your orders in late March, but if it looks like shipping will be delayed, I won't hesitate to let you know.

It's the Blood Bowl UK Team Challenge this weekend, and I'll be playing as part of team Tackle Zone. I'll have a set of the Zenobian Zeniths with me for people to view and I've donated a basic 16 players team to be given away as a prize.

While I've been off this week I've been listening to some of the UKTC focused podcasts. The always excellent Fumbbl and Double Skulls podcasts are definitely worth a listen


Double Skulls:

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