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Loads of miniatures!

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As you'll probably know, your orders have now been locked on Backerkit and shipping charges are being processed by Stripe. You'll still be able to update your delivery address so be sure to check this.

Arrivals & Order Progress

I've had a few deliveries this week; firstly, 150 basic teams arrived last Friday meaning a hefty box containing 2400 miniatures is ready for me to start sorting which is a nice problem to have.

Those of you who follow my social media accounts will have seen that the limited edition backer art prints have arrived and I'm thrilled with how these have turned out. I'll be shipping the prints off to B. to be signed and will post these out once they are ready.

Sculpts for the Norse expansion, as well the chainsaw, willow and ogre star players have been sent off to Printmakr to produce the master prints. Once the master prints arrive I'll be shipping them off to Griffin Moulds to make a master mould.

The graphic novels have been ordered from Avery Hill Publishing and should be arriving soon.

I finally found a supplier for 32 mm slot bases so I've ordered these along with the 25 mm ones.

Remaining sculpts and shipping

Tom is still working on the sculpts, unfortunately, he's been delayed due to shifting deadlines for his day job. He's assured me that all the sculpts will be complete by the first week of February. This delay does mean that shipping in March may not be possible, but if there is a delay to ship, it should only be by a week or two, depending on how quickly the masters can be printed and the moulds created.

As always, you can contact me with any queries you have.

Until the next update,

Have a good one!

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