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Ticking Along

Things are progressing nicely. If you follow Exit 23 on social media, you'll probably have seen the sculpts for Rose the Elf star player, and the Sculptor Star player. I spoke with Tom today, and he's aiming to have all the sculpts completed by the 3rd of February.
Rose the Elf Star Player
Plenty of the components have been delivered, and my flat is filling up with with the lovely items that will make up your rewards. I'm delighted with the quality of the ball tokens and the bases, and the books are gorgeous.
I've already shipped some of the book only orders with the rest of the book orders due to be sent once the prints have been signed.

The Turn, reroll tokens are being manufactured, and the wonderful folk at KR Cases are busying putting my order together.

I think that brings you up to date with the Zenobian Zeniths Kickstarter Campaign, so what else have I been up to? I'm, excited to write that I've sent B. images and descriptions for the next team. I'm going for a Celtic folklore theme using Manx folklore as the main inspiration. I can't wait to share some of the early concept work once it's ready!

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